Conservation (Earthscan Reference Collections (4 Vol. Set), No_Author MOBI

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Conservation (Earthscan Reference Collections (4 Vol. Set)

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Author: No_Author
ISBN: 9781844074143
The thought-provoking articles in Conservation can assist in catalyzing the transition to a new green economy by shaping the mind-sets of leaders, students, teachers and the public alike. Achim Steiner, UN Under-Secretary General and Executive Director, UN Environment Programme (UNEP) An extremely useful compilation of articles on the complex issues underlying nature conservation. Ashish Kothari, Co-chair, IUCN Intercommission Strategic Direction on Governance, Equity, and Livelihoods in Relation to Protected Areas (TILCEPA) In this intelligently chosen, broadly ranging set of readings on conservation, Professor Adams assembles a set of vital readings for professionals, teachers, students, and the interested public. Kent Redford, Director, Wildlife Conservation Society Institute This 4-volume set, edited by a leading expert on nature conservation, brings together in one collection a series of papers fundamental to understanding the social, political, cultural and scientific dimensions of conservation. Each volume is introduced by a new review essay, which both sets the scope for the collection and advances analytical understanding of conservation issues. Volume I covers the historical development of conservation ideas and reviews the diverse contemporary philosophical, ethical, cultural and practical arguments for conservation. Volume II addresses the core issue of conservation: the maintenance of living diversity in the face of human demands on the biosphere. The intention here is not to offer a sourcebook of conservation science, but to include the key texts that have changed the way conservation is understood and practised. Volume III explores the overlaps and conflicts between conservation and development, and ?win-win? solutions to conflicts between the two, including ideas of sustainable development. Volume IV presents work on conservation as an essentially political process, drawing chiefly on social science and, in particular, political ecology and environmental history.

Title: Conservation (Earthscan Reference ...

Binding: Hardcover

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