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The Josiah Chronicles

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Author: Ricky Herring
ISBN: 9781457524868
The Josiah Chronicles, a Christian science fiction novel by Ricky Herring, follows Josiah Jones and his two friends Lenny Rogers and Paul Henry, through an amazing sequence of events. They begin by capturing a being from another world. While at first they seek to profit from their discovery, they soon become actors in the fulfillment of a five hundred year old Indian legend, the object of which is to help the being in his effort to return home. They soon find themselves on another planet where they discover that the God of the Universe that they are so familiar with has manifested Himself in the lives, thoughts, philosophies, and the institutions of that amazing world as well. What starts as a simple visit turns into full scale involvement in a war between the forces of belief against the forces of atheism, the result of which will determine the fate of that strange alien world.

Ricky Herring is a simple old country boy from southeast Alabama who is just old enough to have caught the tail end of the "good old days." As a quiet and shy boy, he would listen with rapturous amazement as people would tell fascinating stories of days gone by. These stories, along with his study of the Bible, and his reading of hundreds of works of history, religion, and politics caused him to develop a deep appreciation for the concept of Christian Honor, and how that honor has sustained our civilization for millennia. When Ricky is not writing he keeps himself busy as an educator with the Dale County (Alabama) School System, where he has served mostly as a history teacher. He is currently a guidance counselor at George W. Long High School. Ricky, his wife Nancy, and their son Taylor live in Skipperville, Alabama.

Title: The Josiah Chronicles

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

Binding: Hardcover

Book Condition:New

Book Type: Hardcover

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