Spiritsails & Lugsails, Leather, John MOBI Kindle

29.09.2017 23:05

Spiritsails & Lugsails

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5. Spiritsails & Lugsails.doc

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Ebook Details:

Author: Leather, John
ISBN: 9780877429982

Title: Spiritsails & Lugsails

Publisher: International Marine Publishing Company, Camden ME

Publication Date: 1989

Binding: Hard Cover

Illustrator: John Leather

Book Condition:Near Fine

Dust Jacket Condition: Fine

Edition: Reprint.

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once again thanks for an awesome and generous share
, Ebook PDF
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Great share! Cant wait to get it.
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Thanks a lot for this great share! Reps added
, Ebook
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Thanks, great share
, Ebook PDF
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Awesome share. +5 Repped
, Kindle
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Would love to have it
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Dont need this, but +5 rep for this great share and your hard work.
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Awesome share. +5 Repped
, MOBI Kindle
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